Tasha Tah Talks Music, Life & Bosoms

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Tasha Tah Talks Music, Life & Bosoms

As promised, Besharam.co.uk has got you kanjars a date with the winner of our Hottest Asian Chick poll: Tasha Tah. She won it hands on knees (pun? What pun?) and gives us an honest interview about the epic, immortal feeling our most prestigious and celebrated award has given her. Read on, to find out what she really said…

Tasha, let’s talk music, how did you get into the music scene and meet Rishi Rich?

I’ve always wanted to sing, that’s my earliest memory. I sent my demo to so many record labels but never got my break, and then finally I met Rishi in April 2008 through a mutual friend. I sang for him and he told me he wanted to sign me there and then. I know! I can’t believe it either!

Networking eh?! So now that you made it, how does it feel to be signed to the Rishi Rich Production Label?

Without sounding like a beauty pageant winner, it’s a privilege and an honour to be part of RRP! Especially to be working alongside the pioneers of the Asian music industry. Having been given this opportunity is mind blowing; it makes me want to work so hard. I have a lot to thank Rishi for.

We can only imagine how mind blowing becoming a celeb can be after all that hard graft, so what has been your biggest celebrity moment so far?

I’ve never been overwhelmed with a “famous feeling”. I’m just thankful people enjoy my music and I get to do what I love. However, I performed a few months ago in East London and people were arguing over my autograph. I was like wow, is this really happening to me? I felt loved.

Loved up fans aside, what can neophytes expect from your debut album?

There’s something for everyone on the album, but generally the collection has a ‘get up and dance’ feeling. I’m at the phase in my life where I want to party, have a good time and be free. It’s a feel good album! (Besharam.co.uk fully endorses this behaviour.)

Tell us more! How would you describe your music?

Sexy, fun and fresh! It’s predominantly dance but I like to infuse different genres of music such as rock, pop, electro and make the song my own. I’ve also written some slower songs with a more country rock vibe. I write according to my mood.


What can Besharam readers expect next from you?

My single is dropping in the coming months…get ready!!!

With your writing influenced by your mood, who are your musical influences?

I’m a super fan of Madonna! She’s always on trend and I think she has evolved magnificently over the years.

What do you think about the current Asian Music Scene?

It’s exciting because there is talent emerging from everywhere. We are a growing industry and I think it’s definitely changed more in the last 5 years. Rishi has opened doors for artists to cross over into mainstream, so more people are chasing their dreams.

Talking of dreams, specifically wet ones, how does it feel to be voted the sexiest chick on the scene by Besharam readers?

Wow, I’m totally flattered, especially being up against so many hotties. Thanks guys, you make me blush.

Who do you think is the hottest guy on the Brit Asian scene?

This is honestly the hardest question I’ve ever been asked. I really don’t have the hots for anyone, well yet anyway. But hey, girls rule and boys drool!! (She, laughs. We, suggest you get in there.)

Traditional guy or modern?

Modern, I don’t think a really traditional guy could handle my craziness…

Love or money?

Love for sure, but let’s be honest love doesn’t pay the bills so a balance of the two would be nice please. I’m just being real.

French knickers or thongs?

I hate to break it you guys, but comfort comes first, so French knickers all the way!

Favourite pastime?

Working out, if I don’t go to the gym I feel rubbish.

Tasha Tah

Worst habit?

Eating chocolate, sweets, cake- anything with sugar. That’s why I have to work out even harder.

What would you say is the best feature of your body?

My bosom buddy’s. (Yes besharams, bosoms aren’t only a man’s best friend)

Can you make roti?

Yes of course, in every shape of every country!

Playboy offer you £100,000 to pose topless, what do you say?

Add on another zero and I’ll think about it! No, seriously it’s a recession baby, Hugh Hefner my account number is 10745…

Besharam.co.uk is currently on hold with the Playboy hotline…watch this space.